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Elevating Parkville Homes with Heritage-Inspired Renovations

Nestled in Parkville, MO, our renovation projects are inspired by the town's picturesque landscapes and historical depth. We strive to weave the essence of Parkville's charm into each of our renovations, creating homes that are both modern havens and nods to the past.

Parkville's Premier Home Renovation Services

Landscaped garden patio

Elegant Outdoor Living Spaces

Transform your backyard into a serene Parkville retreat. Our custom patio and garden designs reflect the natural beauty surrounding Parkville, creating perfect outdoor sanctuaries.

Luxury bathroom updates

Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

Our bathroom renovations marry Parkville's historical elegance with modern luxury. Indulge in a space that's both a tribute to Parkville's past and a celebration of contemporary comfort.

Seamless Home Extensions

Expand your Parkville residence with extensions that respect the town's architectural integrity. Our designs ensure a harmonious addition to your home, enhancing both space and value.

Experience Parkville's Best in Home Renovation with ROKC Solid Remodeling. Reach out at (816) 601-3588 or email us at

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